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Adventure Village holds a special place in the hearts of our teens and is often cited as the place where their best memories and deepest friendships were made. Adventure Village, affectionately referred to as “The Point,” or “ADV” offers teen campers the opportunity to have a camp community of their own. Cosby teens eat all meals provided by our food service staff at the beautiful Virginia Markle Pavilion* and enjoy many evening campfires in the center of their village. A few activity periods are set aside each week for leadership development and teamwork activities called Cosby Leadership Experience (CLE). Through CLE, teen campers have the opportunity to grow in character and develop life skills which prepares them to move into the LIT and CIT Programs (CIT/LIT Page). Along with CLE, Adventurers will also have the opportunity to sign up for their favorite activities and participate in the exclusive Adventure Village waterfront party on Fridays. You will Check-in and Check-out your camper at ADV. It is simple and easy. During Check-in parents will need to visit the dining hall in main camp to see the nurse should your camper have any medications for the week.

Adventurers are old enough to register for Specialty Camps! Adventurers can participate in Mini BikesWaterski/Wake Surf/Wakeboarding, and Wrangler Specialty Camps. Specialty Camp campers spend half a day every day focusing on individual attention for skill development and comprehension in their chosen Specialty Camp.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in – Sunday at 1pm

Check-out – FRIDAY EVENING at 6:30pm



  • A sense of community where teens can interact and have fun.
  • Cabins with Air Conditioning (Cabins do not have bathroom/showers)
  • Meals are provided by our food service staff at the ADV open air Pavilion*
  • Some meals will be at Main Camp Dining Hall
  • ADV Bathhouse located close by to the cabins for bathrooms and showers with instantaneous Hot water units
  • Teen based programming and Leadership skill building
  • ADV Store with drinks and snacks
  • Supervised chill/hangout time that Teens enjoy
  • High expectations for ADV teen campers to interact with each other with the greatest respect, openness, caring and understanding. Inappropriate actions and or conversations will not be tolerated.
  • ADV has its own Camp Bus to get to and from Main Camp during certain times of the day.
  • ADV Campers walk together as a group to and from Main Camp. (They love walking and talking with each other and it is not a very long walk)

*Virginia Markle Adventure Village was dedicated on May 26, 2006 to the memory of Virginia Talbot Markle, 1993 – 2004. Camp Cosby was Virginia’s favorite place to be in the whole world! She and her brother made it a family tradition to attend the first session of camp each summer. Her last summer was 2004. Tragically, Virginia died in her sleep from an unknown aneurysm a week after returning from camp. Her mother found an un-mailed letter in her camp trunk, that still had not been fully unpacked. Virginia wrote, “I wish our family could move to Camp so I can come whenever I want. I can’t wait to see you, but I don’t want to leave if you know what I mean.” Virginia will never have to leave again, and the Virginia Markle Adventure Village will be part of Camp Cosby forever. Virginia is missed, loved and remembered.














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