Each year, generous donors give to our Annual Campaign to support deserving children and their families with the opportunity to access YMCA Camp Cosby programs. Anyone may apply! Every application is reviewed individually and confidentially by our caring Financial Assistance/Scholarship Review Committee in order to determine the best use of funding and award amounts. No one is turned away due to an inability to pay for Cosby programs.

Financial Need:

  • If your family has experienced any hardship, whether sudden or long term, please apply.
  • If the cost of camp is a stretch to your budget and a small amount of assistance to help manage it better could help, please apply.
  • If you are a single parent or have had a recent change in your family dynamic due to divorce, death or sickness, or military deployment, please apply.
  • If you are retired or on disability or fixed income and are raising children/grandchildren of camp age, please apply.
  • If you or any family member has experienced workforce reduction, job change, recent move, birth, adoption, child in college, or any additional financial impact that is new to your family, please apply.
  • If you are in college, seminary, graduate school and need assistance in sending your children to camp, please apply.
  • If, for any reason, the cost of sending your children/grandchildren to camp is difficult, please apply.

We’re here to help! Every application is considered. If you have any questions regarding our Financial Assistance programs or just want to ask if you can qualify, please contact us by phone (256)268-2007 or email us:

Financial Assistance/Access:

  • No one is turned away due to an inability to pay for Cosby Programs.

Financial Assistance Application/Access Packet – Financial Need

Foster Care Initiative:

  • This is a grant funded program specifically for Foster/Foster-to-Adopt families and provides a fully funded tuition scholarship for your foster/foster-to adopt campers to attend YMCA Camp Cosby.

Financial Assistance Application Packet – Foster Care Initiative

Leadership Scholarship:

  • If your camper is interested in developing their leadership skills, or wants to work as a Cosby Counselor some day or if they need service hours for school, please apply today. Note: Your Camper will need to submit a short essay as part of the application process. More details are available in the Scholarship Application.
  • IMPORTANT: Participants in the LIT/CIT programs, will need to submit additional application/recommendations/interview as required. The scholarship holds no bearing on acceptance into these programs, but will offset the cost, if enrolled.

Financial Assistance Application Packet – Leadership Scholarship

We’re here to help! Please download the application and complete it and then return it by email to Be sure to include the required documentation as required for your specific type of application.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

When can applications be submitted?

Complete Applications may be submitted, beginning on October 15, 2021, with all required documentation to Please scan the documents to PDF to send from your email address. If you use a scanner that has its own email address, send it to yourself first and then send it to us. That way it’s recognizable by our system and won’t be rejected or sent to spam.

What Required Documents do I need to submit for ALL Financial Assistant Application options?

  • W-2 Form for preceding year or proof of no income
  • Income tax form for the preceding calendar year
  • Two of your most recent pay stubs from your employer
  • Additional documentation such as SSI, alimony, child support, disability, etc
  • Additional information regarding other circumstances impacting your application.

Do I apply per camper or per family?

Only 1 application per family is necessary. If you would like to submit an application for more than one program, one application is fine. Just be sure to submit all documentation required for each program.

Can I register my campers for Summer Camp prior to submitting a Scholarship Application?

Yes, please do! As long as you can pay the deposit, you may register at any time. If you can only afford to register 1 child at a time, please register teen campers first, as their housing space fills quickly each season.

What is the deadline for applying for financial assistance?

It is always best to apply early. However, we do our best to help every family we can, so please submit your application as soon as possible. As long as funding is available, we will review applications throughout the Summer Camp season.

How long does the application process take?

A confirmation email will be sent when your application is received. Please allow at least 10 business days from the confirmation date of your email to receive your award letter by email. If you do not receive a confirmation email from, please follow up immediately to confirm receipt. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all required documentation is received.

I don’t have a scanner, can I mail my application or send it in picture format?

Yes, you can mail your application packet to:

YMCA Camp Cosby
ATTN: Camp Registrar/Financial Assistance
2290 Paul Bear Bryant Rd.
Alpine, AL 35014

If you submit your application in picture format, please submit as an attachment instead of embedding it in your email. We are unable to print photographs in large format. It’s best to submit them in PDF format if at all possible.

TIP: Please submit your application from your personal email address and not from a secure scanner hub to avoid the risk of being blocked or going to spam.

TIP: Local libraries and some larger post offices have scanners available for use. When scanning documents, it is always best to send them to yourself first for security purposes and then forward them to us at

If you have any questions regarding our Financial Assistance programs or just want to be sure if you can qualify, please contact us by phone (256)268-2007 or email us: