Teacher Led Outdoor Classrom


Teacher Led Outdoor Classroom

YMCA Camp Cosby offers a unique environmental education experience for students during the school year. Our programs allow students to explore relationships in nature and learn about the world around them, while developing problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Teacher Led Experience

Camp Cosby partners with teachers of the school to help provide the best educational experience for the campers. Teachers of the school attending will be responsible for leading all classes. Cosby Staff are available for a limited selection of activities. This experience has some great benefits such as:

  • Education based Day trips and overnight trips that are more affordable for students/families
  • Camp Cosby becomes your own outdoor education facility with a safe and private location for your school for fun and education in the outdoors.
  • We can do all the cooking for you with our full Food service department.

Benefits of Teacher Led Class

  • Teachers already have a solid grasp on the group dynamics of the students
  • Teachers and students create lifelong memories together at camp
  • Students have the benefit of being taught by their own teachers while not in the ordinary classroom
  • Teachers get to teach OUTSIDE!!
  • Students gain a more respectable attitude towards the teaching profession as they watch and learn from their teachers in a different environment

Mission and Goals

YMCA Camp Cosby, a branch of the Birmingham YMCA, is committed to the mission to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body. All YMCA Camp Cosby programs have traditionally been founded on this mission of serving people. This program planning guide is intended to assist teachers who are either considering or planning an Outdoor Education experience at YMCA Camp Cosby. Outdoor Education is not just “camp” but an educational experience with important implications for the student both in the outdoors and back in the classroom. Our program is designed to be an extension of the YMCA mission. The OE mission strives to encourage students to learn more about themselves while living and working cooperatively in a community environment. Full participation in the planning process and in the program itself will ensure the students a rewarding educational experience. The directors and staff are trained and experienced in every aspect of the program, and are very willing to help make your school’s stay at YMCA Camp Cosby a rewarding one.

The goals of YMCA Camp Cosby Outdoor Education Program are:

  • To enable students to understand and experience the relationship between themselves and the natural environment, and their roles as stewards
  • To strengthen social relationships between:
    1. Teachers, adults and students
    2. Students and their peers
  • To give the student a sense of independence and self-identity
  • To give all students a chance to succeed in a non-graded environment
  • To encourage active participation in outdoor activities
  • To promote the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility



Camp Cosby offers comfortable cabin style lodging. All cabins have heat and air-conditioning and are equipped with full service bathrooms. Beds are bunk style sleeping 12 – 16 participants per cabin. We have 18 cabins and can accommodate 240 people. Bedding and linens are not provided.


Our Outdoor Education program is versatile and flexible, offering half-day field trips up to 3-day residential experiences. Programs and curriculum are designed with the Alabama State Course of Study in mind and can be adapted for specific classroom needs. Over 30 different topics are offered with subjects ranging from plant and wildlife ecology, maps, orienteering and canoeing.


Pricing and Scheduling

For pricing and scheduling please contact Michael Morriss at mmorriss@ymcabham.org







Email cosby@ymcabham.org or call 256-268-2007 to book your trip today!

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